The following links are some of my favourite sites!

Tamara Lynn's Tawdry Teasers

An excellent site containing captioned pics, stories, and a whole lot of good stuff! Check it out!

Joanna's Diary

Another excellent site that I have had the fortune of being told about!  Take a peek - u won't regret it! 

Jacquie Windsor's Fantasy Pages

A great site with some excellent illustrated short stories!  Surf on over - u won't be disappointed!

femur's TG Comics

Another awesome site with creatively (and professionally) modified comics and original artwork!  It is a very well put together site with some very good content!  Highly recommended!

Tamara Lynn's TG Caption Fun

Joanna Nicholls TG Captioned Images

Two of the best places to go for captioned pics!  I highly recommend these awesome clubs which complement to very commendable sites (listed above ;)

Boglin's Club... (pretty original name, eh? ;)

Not quite the same level of professionalism, but still worth checking out... well - if u liked this site, chances are u may like this club... (and if not, check out the above two -- can't say enough about their exemplary work ;)

TG Roleplay home 

The official home page of the TG Roleplay channel on IRC (#TGroleplay).  Also has some personalized TG-captioned pictures (nice touch).  If you're into the IRC thing, check it out - I did - it was pretty cool!

Cynthia's Wonderful Site

I've been a long time fan of Cynthia (prev. Nikki) and her work.  She has been one of the premiere caption writers, and I highly recommend checking out her site!  If u like captions as much as I do, u will like this site!

Jenny North's great website with a multitude of TG related material... from captioned images to cool ads, to some interesting comics -- check it out!


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